Attention To Detail

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Are small details trivial or minor in life?  In the building industry, it sets a home above the average construction project.   It’s the attention to details that makes a construction company unique and superior to the average.  Today, I wanted to dive a little deeper into what it means to have “attention to detail”.

Webster defines it as:

“Attention” is – “Observation, Notice”; consideration with a view to action.  

“Details” are “a part of the whole” such as – the small elements that collectively constitute a work of art.  

When someone pays attention to the details it means they are noticing and anticipating what will happen next and correcting things that would have been a problem before it becomes an issue.  You can imagine how important this is when building a home and a big reason why so many builders put an emphasis on this statement. So what does it take to really bring a custom detailed touch to a project?

Keeping a close eye on a project throughout the whole process is the only way to ensure all the details are taken care of. Starting with the architect all the way through the punch list. One example would be studying and understanding all the components of the plans and using the contractor’s knowledge to ensure that the customer’s wants and desires are being met while staying within their budget. This kind of attention to detail comes from years of studying plans and experience in building homes, but also from devoting the necessary amount of time to make sure the architect isn’t missing something.

When a builder is really taking care of the details, it means that they are actively present on their job sites.  The reason this is an issue that needs to be brought up is because there is currently a high demand for builders and it can be quite easy to get overwhelmed. There is a fine balance between making a living and overwhelming oneself that will be unique to all builders, but nevertheless needs to be found because when it is exceeded the quality and attention to detail will be the first to go.

In today’s market, with all the building that is happening, it is easy for a builder to overextend themselves.  This can be a detriment to the quality of the project. So, be sure to find yourself a builder that has experience and isn’t too busy.  I believe this principle of paying attention to details is the foundation of being a quality company.

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