Custom Homes


In a day and age where quality work and honesty are hard to find, DreamWood Builders uses the following principles to guide everything they do:

  1. Quality: DWB treats every project as if it is their own, and ensures that the best materials and contractors are used. Keeping their eye on the details, DWB does what it takes to exceed the customers’ expectations.
  2. Communication: The DWB team believes that communication is vital to the success of any project, and makes themselves readily available to their customers.
  3. Transparency: To ensure that their customers feel confident throughout the building process DWB seeks to maintain open communication and prioritizes the customers’ needs above all else.
  4. Experience: DWB values the importance of experience. Having 40 years in the industry, they work with experienced contractors and vendors who will maintain the DWB standard of excellence.

If you would like to work with a team who embodies this philosophy, CONTACT US to learn more.

How it Begins

You have been thinking and planning about this for some time now. All of the research and planning have lead to this moment and it is exciting! The purpose of your initial meeting with DreamWood Builders is to get to know each other and for us to understand what your dreams are for your new home. What we ask of you is to bring items like sketches, drawings, pictures, pinterest profiles, houzz profiles, we want to see it all so that we can gather as much information about what you want your dream home to look like. After we have had a thorough discussion about the aesthetical aspects of the home we then will take a visit to the lot. This is so we can gain a better understanding of the lot and make suggestions according to the topography and other factors that are pertinent to the building of your dream home. After this you will need to contact a professional loan officer (we can recommend if you need one) so that you can see what you are pre-approved for and develop a budget.

Design Stage

Now we are ready to begin the first step in creating your dream home. Based on your desired style we will meet with the architect that best represents your style. Our biggest responsibility in this stage is to ensure that you are seeing the house that you envisioned while staying within your budget. We understand the importance of budgets and we will play a pivotal role in this stage making sure you are seeing everything you want while staying inside of your budget. Once plans are approved we will set up a meeting with the Designer to begin deciding on a color scheme and fixtures for the house.

Planning Stage

The most important part of Building a home is planning. With so many different variables going on simultaneously and certain trades needing to be completed before others can move forward the need for a great initial plan and then continue revisions is paramount. This is where we will walk through our detailed plan so you can see how things will come together. We will then set up meetings with you throughout so that we are staying in constant COMMUNICATION throughout the project. Communication is such an important role in the success of any construction project and for that reason a top priority for us at DreamWood Builders.

Construction Stage

This is where the fun begins and your dream home begins to come together. This is when all of the designing and planning begins to pay off. This is where we really shine and our great communication and attention to detail will construct the house of your dreams. Quality construction is characterized by customer oriented design, high quality material, superior project management, and attention to detail.


As we progress in this digital age shouldn't your home follow right along? Computer science and technology have changed the way we look at things and tackle day to day problems. Our team values the importance of utilizing cutting edge technology while keeping integrity. Each homes blueprint is digitized by photographing the entire homes skeleton and documenting what and how things were installed. Click this link to see a glimpse into one of our current homes.

Custom Cedar Mantle

To add a unique touch, DWB creates custom cedar mantels that are complimentary for all of their homes with a fireplace.