The following 7 items are DWBs key features in building a Healthy Comfortable Home.

Thermal Logo

high-performance thermal enclosure

An enduring home contains windows that allow for solar gain while battling the elements outside, wrapped in a draft resistant thermal blanket around the whole house, and properly installed doors and windows all while standing firm on a foundation.

Water Logo

whole-house water protection

Having peace of mind starts with the construction design. Homes should be built with a Dry-By-Design providing a water barrier on every inch preventing long term repairs. Along with keeping moisture out moisture should also be treated through ventilation and correctly used materials.

Comfort System Logo

high-performance comfort system

Comfort starts with professional design to ensure efficient use of energy all year. Homes need even temperature throughout the house provided by the right amount of loads to square feet, and components that learn behaviors so as to eliminate any waste.

Health Logo

whole-house health protection

Indoor air should not contain more contaminants than the outdoors, so an airtight home will block dust, pollen, and pests from entering. Adequate systems will support enclosed houses with fresh air input all while filtering undesirable particles. Building practices should remain conscientious of selecting materials that are free of contaminants.

Component Logo

high-efficiency components

More than half of a properly built home's energy use is through the components. Water heaters should not lose gallons of water down the drain, appliances should provide more energy savings, lighting should improve holistic systems coupling cost affective savings with longer life spans, and efficient exhaust fans will drastically reduce moisture and odors.

Quality Assurance Logo

enhanced quality assurance

Zero Energy Ready Homes are tested and proven by third party professionals that evaluate construction plans, oversee construction practices, perform diagnostic testing to ensure performance is to code. A certificate meets three high-performance home programs: DOE Zero Energy Ready Home, Energy Star Certified Home, EPA Indoor airPLUS.

Solar Logo

solar-ready construction

A home with high efficiency and smart design will offset all or most annual energy consumption with renewable energy. Homes built Solar Ready will be wired to include a built-in path from the attic to an electric panel for easy connection, sound structural framing ensures proper load distribution, and contains electrical paneling built with adequate space.

Building Smart


“Housing is probably the most overwhelming consumer purchase of a lifetime because it’s so costly and complex. When our nation’s leading high-performance home experts are asked what home they would choose, they show a predominant preference for Zero Energy Ready Home. Thus, this is a story about feeling great making the home choice recommended by the most educated homebuyers. They understand the seven complete systems included in each Zero Energy Ready Home deliver compelling value, better performance, and substantial energy and operational cost savings. Now it’s time to enjoy a whole new living experience.”