what does being custom truly mean?

What does it truly mean to be a custom home builder? A custom home builder is defined by his attention to detail and quality of work. A client is not confined to a set of parameters set by the builder. The custom home builder brings the customer’s complete vision to life.

endless options with building custom

Our team will connect each customer from start to finish with a team of professionals that brings their home together. From flooring to granite there are never too many options available to you.

architecture of your dreams

layout that fits you

choose your own finishes

we build on your lot

we are there every step of the process

Connect with an Architect
Choose your interior design
Building phase
Connect with an Architect

Dreamwood Builders works with skilled architects but happily welcomes any architect our clients might want to bring into the process. This initial phase of building is what sets the road map to accomplishing a client’s dream:

  • Design the layout of your home
  • Design how your home looks on the outside
  • Place the home in the most optimal position for solar gain 
  • Develop a plan for maximum energy efficiency that aligns with budget parameters

Choose your interior design

At this stage we will help direct our customers to choosing everything from flooring to granite to colors. We can work with any designer and have many connections to help the customer put their vision to products. 

  • Compile a list from Pinterest and Houzz that will fit your desires
  • Visit local granite yards to choose the best look for you kitchen and bathroom 
  • Visit fixture showrooms that will bring your home to life

Building phase

Preconstruction phase is the most important aspect to building your home. Our team understand the value to all preliminary work and will provide full attention and participation in developing a detailed plan ensuring a smooth build. 

  • Prior to breaking ground our team will help solidify approvals and complete a budget
  • The first major step in constructing the home is pouring the foundation
  • Once concrete is cured the structure of the home is built. From framing to windows and doors are complete proving a visual of the home
  • With the walls in place and the house wrapped mechanicles are installed and the digital footprint is taken
  • Insulation and drywall are then installed
  • At this stage your home starts to build its character with cabinets and trim
  • In the last stages of construction all the finishes will develop your homes personal touch with granite, paint, electrical and plumbing selections

We can build your high-performance home

Building Smart


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US Department of Energy

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