Habitat for Humanity

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As you can clearly tell, I don’t really look like my owners because I was adopted. I grew up as a baby in a shelter and was rescued when I was a little less than a year old. That day was the happiest day of my life with joy permeating through my body as we left the building and went into the car to go HOME. As I reflect on that day and how meaningful it was for me to have a home, I felt compelled to share with you a little about a wonderful organization who has made it their mission to provide people with a place to call home, called Habitat for Humanity.


If you have not heard about Habitat for Humanity I would be super surprised. They are worldwide and, it seems, in every town across the US. Habitat for Humanity started with a community farm near Americus, Georgia by a farmer and biblical scholar named Clarence Jordan. Eventually, the concept of “partnership housing” was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller reaching those in need for shelter and affordable funding. This program would use volunteers as labor and funded by no-interest loans from donated money, called “The Fund for Humanity.”(Explain what they were used for)


After having success in the Democratic Republic of Congo they returned back to the United States and Started HH International in 1976 where now 1,400 communities across the US, 70 countries, and 9.8 million people have been touched. Their mission is “Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.”


Can you believe this is a not-for-profit organization with such provision and touch!? Where their testimony truly impresses is the extent of the services they offer and the many branches within the company. Just to point out a few:


Home building

Neighborhood revitalization

Financial classes

Disaster response

Merchandise stores

Community support options

Many volunteer programs


DreamWood Builders (DWB) first made the connection to this great organization back in 2012 when Caleb donated his time in helping a family build their first home. He has also donated several hours of his time working in their ReStores, receiving donations and serving those purchasing goods. Caleb also donated his truck to the nonprofit in 2015.


In 2017 DWB purchased a home in Fair Oaks Ranch that became their first home flip as a company. Along with the house came a car that was left by the previous owners, providing the opportunity to participate in HH’s donation car program. Their contact, Don, was a complete joy and truly made the donation opportunity seamless and enjoyable.


As a company, DWB plans to continue interactions and efforts with Habitat for Humanity through goods donations, man power in building, and especially advocating for the work that they provide to those in need. We have a duty as a nation to help each other in our own unique way. Not everyone has the same need which makes giving so heavenly. If you have a desire to find out more about this particular organization please check out their web page www.habitat.org. Jesus instructs us to Love our neighbors as ourselves and HH provides opportunities to do just that.

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