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Hello my name is Ozzy, and I am the spokesperson (dog) for DreamWood Builders and, frankly, I have a lot to say. I am eager to inform and educate you on the many topics that fill up this brain of mine. Everything from how to change your HVAC filter to national interest rates, as well as anything and everything related to building a home, since that is what we do here at DreamWood Builders!

To tell you a little about myself I am a ranch dog living on the Thomason ranch and my days are filled with mainly rest and a bit of adventure. For exercise I visit the neighbors daily to say hi to my friends around the area, I chase the deer whenever I can but I do not bark at them because I don’t want them to know I am coming! But, I do bark at the mail lady (even though she gives me treats) and really most cars and people especially trucks with trailers I just can’t stand them. Don’t worry though it’s not all rest for me I am well read and am sure to stay up to date on the latest design, architectural trends as well as building technologies, all of which I am eager to share with you.

The purpose for this blog is to educate the readers. Our goal is to make sure you learn something and to spark more thoughts and questions in our readers. The greatest content is that which provokes thoughts and questions and we want to be here engaging with you as those questions and thoughts arise. So please know that we are here to answer your questions to the best of our ability and engage with you on all matters that affect the building industry.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you all more.

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