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A house is an investment that is meant to last forever. It is important to have a partner who will plan well into the future when you build your home, and will ensure that building your home is a rewarding experience. 

Our 7 Key Building Features

High-Performance Thermal Enclosure

Build Tight and Insulate Right. We build super tight envelopes using quality House Wrap and great attention to detail when installing insulation. Proper window and door installation the insulation is as effective as possible.


Whole-House Water Protection

Water damage is one of the largest concerns of new home buyers. This is why DWB takes great care to ensure that there are systems in place to keep water from damaging your home. We identify the key areas on the home that are most prone to water damage and address them with planning and attention to detail.

High-Performance Comfort System

When you Build Tight and Insulate Right you reduce the demand on your HVAC system. This reduces the size of the system and upgrades the efficiency. All combined this creates a better performing system that works to properly balance your home for a comfortable indoor environment.

Whole-House Health Protection

The air inside your home can contain up to 4 times the amount of contaminants as outside. DWB ensures that your home is free of all contaminants by using materials free of VOCs and Pumping in fresh air through high MERV rated filters.

High-Efficiency Components

Your water heater, lighting, appliances, and exhaust fans all make up the components in your home. DWB ensures that all components are Energy Star Rated to ensure energy efficiency.

enhanced quality assurance

All DWB homes are certified by a professional independent third party. From the planning stage the independent will model all aspects of the home for energy efficiency and will then conduct inspections throughout the build to ensure all agreed upon specifications are met.


solar-ready construction

A home with high efficiency and smart design will offset all or most annual energy consumption with renewable energy. Homes built Solar Ready will be wired to include a built-in path from the attic to an electric panel for easy connection, sound structural framing ensures proper load distribution, and contains electrical paneling built with adequate space.


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family owned and operated

DreamWood Builders (DWB) is a family owned construction company located in Pipe Creek Texas. It is owned by the Thomason Family, and run by Tim, Caleb and Ben Thomason.  As a family, they have over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. DWB specializes in custom homes, remodels and yard scape structures.

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