Attention To Detail

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Are small details trivial or important? In the building industry, attention to detail sets a construction company above the rest. Are small details trivial or minor in life?  In the building industry, it sets a home above the average construction … Continued

Habitat for Humanity

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I love my family. They rescued me from a shelter when I was just about a year old. When they put me in their car and drove me home it was the happiest day of life. As I reflect on … Continued

San Antonio Housing Market

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If you are in the market for buying a home in the San Antonio area, or most major metropolitan areas in Texas, you probably have found yourself in multiple bidding wars ending up disappointed and losing the house you were … Continued

Welcome to the Ozzy Blog

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Hello my name is Ozzy, and I am the spokesperson (dog) for DreamWood Builders and, frankly, I have a lot to say. I am eager to inform and educate you on the many topics that fill up this brain of … Continued